About Us

May we take this opportunity to introduce RJ Development & Regeneration Consultants Limited.

We are a multi-disciplined practice specialising in the residential and urban renewal sectors.

Located in the Midlands, we are ideally located to cover the majority of the U.K. Having a proven track record within the industry, our team have many years of experience having held senior positions with national homebuilders and developers and Registered Providers.

Our range of experience ranges from land viability / acquisition, pre contract management planning, post contract project management, employer’s agent, sustainability & code assessments, property valuations and Quantity Surveyors services.

Having been at the fore front of several major development initiatives, we have realised the need to learn outside the box, due to the national impact of both private and public funding. With the increase of mixed tenure demand and the lack of housing supply, we can jointly look at ways of “bucking the trend”, along with the constraints of funding and the need to provide a forward development programme for both private and public sector clients.

More recently we have greatly assisted an RP client becoming one of the most active developers within the north of England, culminating in a flagship mixed tenure development of 300 new homes in Filey, North Yorkshire and the establishment of their own construction arm.

Our expertise in project management is respected throughout the industry. In our experience, schemes which have organised programs and management are more likely to succeed. We understand the challenges of complex work in a highly multi-disciplined industry, and the challenging tasks that require expertise and efficiency. Our commercial flexibility within our management team acts as a catalyst for delivering improved performance and results.

In today’s challenging market, there is no room for failure; a successful delivery is paramount to business success. Project management involves not just technical expertise, but a meticulous understanding of development procurement and market knowledge.