With the ever increasing demand for housing, lack of housing supply and pressure on both public and private funding, there has never been more of a need for a truly partner shaped approach. We have developed several funding models which have enabled projects to advance within a difficult market.

Recent times have seen a massive shift in both the public and private sectors of the house building industry. With an increase in land values and demand for family housing, single persons and elderly person’s accommodation, the pressure has never been greater. Large numbers of existing stock have become tired and unsustainable for today’s and tomorrow’s demands. This has escalated through poor design, mono tenure and a national increase in anti-social behaviour.

We believe that with a fully coordinated structured approach, these demands can be met. Our track record in working with Private House Builders, Registered Social Landlords, Local Authorities, ALMO’s, The Homes and Community Agency and the Community, has led to several major mixed tenure developments proceeding with all parties holding a stakeholder interest.

Our expertise in design and cost led development spreads throughout the UK, involving inner city, urban and rural schemes. The Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) has sought to force a major reform in the housing sector with the Homes and Community Agency Investment being reduced by half to £4.4 billion nationally. We are currently identifying new and radical delivery models, allowing clients to realise capacity within existing stock and release additional financial capacity, resulting in new and inventive business models incorporating both public and private investment.

The immediate future is without doubt challenging but never the less exciting!